Social Distancing with The Nature Makers at the Field of Dreams Drive-in

The very beautiful photograph above was taken at the awesome Field of Dreams Drive-In in Liberty Center, Ohio. On August 11, 2020 The Nature Makers will be playing on the drive-in’s really big screen in the great outdoors along with a terrific selection of conservation themed short films. The whole event will benefit the Black Swamp Conservancy, a non-profit that protects prairie, forest and wetlands in Ohio. I became a prairie fanboy after spending several weeks in different times of the year on the prairie in Nebraska while we were filming the work being done to protect dwindling grassland along the Platte River, including habitat for the migratory whooping and sandhill cranes. I loved seeing the film projected onto enormous IMAX screens in Omaha and Hastings, but this projection will be even bigger. This screening will be a great chance to see 50 foot tall prairie dogs. Who wouldn’t want to see that?